Monday, February 11, 2008

Sprint Samsung M510 cellphone

I got a new cellphone that is suppose to cost me $7 after all the rebates and refunds.
It is pretty nice, but I am having trouble with the data services. The fancy Sprint supplied stuff is working intermittently. I don't now if it is phone or Sprint problem.

I did finally figure out how to do bluetooth tethering.

ATT U-verse web access via the cellphone
I also have ATT u-verse cable service now and can schedule recording TV shows directly from the internet. I want to see if can use either the Sprint web browser or OperaMini to do it from my phone. Here is the link:

I tried accessing the above link using Sprint's browser. I get the following message:
No Matching CA certificate was found. Do you want to continue anyway? Then it fails.

Trying Opera Mini. I was have trouble with Opera earlier, where it wouldn't start. It is working again now I can access this page. From there I could follow the above link and had to login to Yahoo.

I got a message that looks like it is from Opera asking me if they can copy my info to the UK Yahoo site. The Opera build I have seem to a UK version.

I finally got to the U-verse schedule page, but I can only see the first column of the schedule. So it isn't very useful. I switched Opera to Mobile View and now it has each channel with its time slots. So at least I could see what was on.

I tried doing a TV show search for "Attack of the Show" but I couldn't select a show for recording because the view would not move to the right only up or down. Then in mobile mode I went to the channel but clicking the show only reloads the screen.

It looks like there should be a pop up form to allow me to select recording a show and it is not happening on the phone.

Google Maps application on phone
It works, but so far I don't have access to the GPS location information while in GM. I think I have to get some kind of license from Sprint to get location in GM.

One problem with GM is other then remembering you Favorites, it seems to have no memory. If you exit and run it again, you start from the default location over the cont. US and have to zoom back down again where you want to be. Use the 1 key to zoom in, 3 key to zoom out and 2 key to turn on satellite view.

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