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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Patti Smith calls for creation of new "Love" party

Wednesday July 15, 2007 - Santa Cruz, California.
Tonight Patti Smith called for the creation of a new political "Love" party.
After performing "Not Fade Away" as a tribute to the late Jerry Garcia, she asked the audience to start a new party of Love. She said "The future is now" "let's do it".

I just got home from the Santa Cruz so I don't remember the exact words, but basically she wanted a party that would clean up the environment and be dedicated to love. Being an old activist, I am not just going to let something like this go by with out taking some action. I Googled for any mention of this and didn't find anything. So I figured I would at least put it on the web. If I don't see a web site for the party soon, I will start one myself.

She played the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, which is a pretty small venue. She was like a psychedelic evangelist, doing Hendrix "Experienced", "White Rabbit" by the Jefferson Airplane, "Tomorrow Never Knows" by the Beatles and "Soul Kitchen" by Doors, in addition to her songs. Great show, very high energy.

Twice during the show, she called for the creation of the "Love" party. That it would take years and that we should run our own candidates for president.

If you are interested to joining and helping begin this party, please contact me. I will try to begin by creating a mailing list and try to start some sort of web presence to help get this thing going.

I have started an gmail account: TheLoveParty@gmail.com, send a message to it if you are interested. I will be collecting information for how to form a party and the begin working on the constitution there as a collaborative Google document. In order to directly edit it you will need a Google account. If you hate Google for something they did in China, then we can make other arrangements.

Next I will start a TheLoveParty blog, but I was tired last night.