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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Emerson EM230 Bluetooth Headset

I bought this headset several months ago, for my wife's Samsung Sync. But she never used it because it only has 1 button in addition to the volume up and down buttons. Because it has so few keys, it takes some combinations or timed presses to get all the functions. Since then I finally got a BT adapter for my tablet-PC and use with Skype and Teamspeak voice over IP calls.

Here are the key sequences from the manual. That way I can check this site from my phone to see what they are:

Keys: MFB, Vol+ and Vol-

Turn on: Press and hold MFB 2 seconds
Turn off: Press and hold MFB 5 seconds
Answer/Make/end call: short MFB press
Reject call: MFB 2 seconds
Transfer call: Vol+ 5 seconds
Mute:MFB & Vol+ same time
Hold/return to call: Press and hold Vol- 2 seconds
Pairing: Press and hold MFB & Vol- 2 seconds,
blue and red leds flash alternately while searching.

The headset can only hold 8 devices codes, so far I have used 5.
After that I have to figure out how to reset the device.

Low battery indication: beep in headset each minute, red led flashes 4 s