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Sonified ELF signals from California, Hawaii and Virgin Island locations with 16x frequency shift

Much of my ELF measurement was done at my home using a 150' pine tree as antenna. During the recording, there was a power failure at 30s...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Created new blog just for Open Stirling Engines

Having my personal stuff mixed in with the Stirling engine project was awkward, so I created a new blog just for the engines. It is http://openstirlingengine.blogspot.com and I will start to post my prototype status reports there. Please make comments on that site, rather the this one. Also please visit the official Open Stirling Engine project site


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Upgraded HP/Compaq TC1100 hard disk problems

I just finished updating my old 40 gig drive with a 120 gig Fujitsu drive.

After trying several approaches to transfer the OS and files to the new drive and make it bootable, the solution was a freeware version of HDClone. I tried using Microsoft backup to copy the system and data to the new drive, but the disk was not bootable. Then I tried GPartEd, but it gave me errors and failed.

HDClone also reported errors in reading the data from my original disk, but gave the option to continue. After rebooting with the new drive, XP detected a hardware change and wanted to reboot again.

After that my system was back to "normal". The reason for the quotes is that Windows Explorer hangs when I try to get the properties of a disk drive. I would have to kill it using the task manager to restart it. I think I have bad sectors, but can't figure out how run Check Disk without bring up the properties for it.

Well at least I have a bunch of new space to download podcasts using Miro and room to add a Ruby on Rails development environment. I was at 97% and had to clean up all the time. Now I can wait a while before having to watch the Diggnation podcasts. Maybe download a movie or two.