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Friday, January 11, 2019

I'm back!

After ignoring this blog for a decade, I've decided to post to it again. 
Because it seems to be a place that has survived all these years of inactivity, intact.  Many of my other places to store information have become obsolete, like my personal Mediawiki and Drupal sites, where I have to do migrations to keep their databases.
I will try to explain why I stopped using the blog someday, but not now.

There are many things I want to talk about and need a public facing site to allow comments, to point out flaws in my arguments. 

  • Projects I am working on
    • Ground effect skimming boat, SkimCat.
      • Catamaran hull, actually based on Sea eagle inflatable sail cat 14 
      • Retractable hydrofoils to lift hull out of water
      • Large cord wings to fly over the water 
      • Center cockpit that also acts a wing
      • Multiple small propellers with differing pitches to spread noise frequency
      • Flight computer control to provide level flight event in choppy water.
      • Electric motor, with hybrid battery and 
    • Extremely Low Frequency radio receiver for Schumann Resonance monitoring
      • Uses tall tree as antenna
      • Synchronous sampling to eliminate line frequency interference
      • Remote operation using either: WiFi, bluetooth or LORA for command and data
      • Web based access of live signals from the various locations
  • Old projects that can be revived
    • Sterling Engine
      • I was stuck with leaky piston seal bags and was looking for better material samples.
      • Advanced sealing bag design using composite materials, perhaps using graphene.